The VA7IS Web Site

At present this site is for a weather station and Simpson - Palmer family tree.


The MyHeritage on-line program was getting to be too expensive at US$110 per year, so I am looking at alternative ways to display the tree data. I have the most recent data saved as a GEDCOM file, which contains all the information.

I've tried a few programs that convert the GEDCOM file to a set of web pages that you can browse through. The latest one is called GED-GEN. You can enter the starting page 
here. At least it should list all the names in the tree and the relationships, but it does not make a pretty tree plot of the ancestry.

For those interested, I think I found another useful free (really free) program for Windows systems only, called My Family Tree from Chronoplex Software. This program can be used to develop a tree from a GEDCOM file, or from scratch. It is not as versatile as MyHeritage's Family Tree Builder, but is can plot charts, even with photos and collect all the notes and other information. It saves the tree as a GEDCOM file which makes it more useful for possible future use as GEDCOM seems to be the established standard format for genealogical data.


The weather records start on January 1, 2016. After a year of operation, the station has worked very well and is quite accurate as far as I can tell.

I still plan to install the anemometer higher to be more clear of the nearby roof. As I am located in a forested area with high trees 30 metres or 100 ft. high, wind direction is often erratic. Also, quite often there is very little wind here.

Please click Sunset in Maui to enter the site. Remember to re-load pages for the most recent data.

The Citizen's Weather Observation Program validates the data from this station and contains other information that may be of interest. It includes detailed readings that can be down loaded in spreadsheet format. Look in the section "Data Status". CWOP Information for VA7IS (AS439) in N.Vancouver, BC, CA

Updated February 6, 2017:


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